New book chapter by CeFEO Researchers

Ethel Brundin (Professor and CeFEO Researcher) and Leif Melin (Professor and Director of CeFEO) has written a book chapter together entitled ‘Managerial practices in family-owned firms: Strategizing actors, their arenas, and their emotions´.

In this chapter they look exclusively at managerial practices in the family-owned firm, with the owner-managed firm (with one or several owners) as a special case of the population in focus. Their definition of a family firm is a firm where the family members control the company through ownership of more than 50 per cent of the voting shares, where at least one family member holds a top management position, and where the leading representative(s) of the family perceive the business to be a family firm (cf. Westhead and Cowling 1999).

The authors argues that this combination of active ownership and active management participation shapes the firm´s managerial practices in different and unique ways.

If you are eager to read more you can find the chapter in the book titled ‘The Work Of Managers Towards A Practice Theory Of Management´, edited by Stefan Tengblad.

Oxford University Press, 2012.