New book published by CeFEO Researcher

Annika Hall, researcher and project manager at CeFEO, has published a new book entitled Family Business Dynamics - A Role and Identity Based Perspective (published by Edgar Elgar).

This book reveals how and why family relations influence the dynamics of family owned businesses. The author examines the relevance of role and identity to the strategic development and the succession process of family businesses. She explores the individual and organisational implications of these roles and identities at different stages in the family and business life cycles. Annika Hall highlights that family businesses have inherent dynamics, rooted in family relations, that might advantage business development assuming that the family is able to meet the inherent challenges of role transition. The book connects micro, socio-psychological aspects to more macro business outcomes, with the purpose of elaborating how and why these connections are made.

About Annika Hall
Her research focuses on understanding the psychosocial aspects, such as how individuals, roles, identity and values influence family firm's strategic development. One of her major interests is methodological issues, with special focus on interpretive method. She has published her research in books and scientific articles. In 2003, she received the award for the best thesis from FFI (Family Firm Institute) in the USA.