Research grant for study on board work

Jenny Helin, PhD, has received funding from the Wallander foundation to do research on a full-time basis during the next three years.

At its autumn session, the Faculty Board for Jan Wallanders and Tom Hedelius Foundation and Tore Browaldhs Foundation decided to assign Jenny Helin, who received her doctorate in Business Administration at JIBS this spring, one of ten Wallander grants for her noteworthy thesis. The grant of SEK 1 485 000 gives her the opportunity to spend the next three years doing full-time research.

In her doctoral thesis, Jenny Helin studied family meetings in family businesses. Her continued research will focus on board work in family businesses.

“It has long been stated that having a professional Board of Directors with external board members is important to family businesses. But we do not yet know much about how the Boards conduct their work in practice. In collaboration with a number of family businesses, I will make an in-depth study with a focus on how their Boards operate, and how the Chairman of the Board works," says Jenny Helin.