CeFEO Researchers at Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference

CeFEO Researchers Massimo Baú, Karin Hellerstedt and Anna Jenkins attended the

Massimo Baú

Self-Employment or employment after exit: The effect of an Entrepreneur’s age and gender

Authors: Post Doc Massimo Baú, Associate Professor Francesco Chirico (Jönköping International Business School) and Professor Shaker Zahra (Carlson School of Management, MN-USA).

Karin Hellerstedt

The impact of Socio-demographic Dissimilarity on the longevity of external Directors in Family Firms

Authors: Assistant Professor Karin Hellerstedt, PhD Candidate Miriam Bird (Stockholm School of Economics) and Associate Professor Karl Wennberg (Ratio Institute, Stockholm).

Anna Jenkins

Challenge to master or a test to avoid? How goal orientation and expertise influence attitude after firm failure

Authors: Research Fellow Anna Jenkins and Professor Melissa S. Cardon (Pace University).