CeFEO Researchers at the 73rd annual meeting of the Academy of Management

The Academy of Management (AOM) is organized every year in either U.S. or Canada. This year it took place August 9-13 in Orlando, Florida. The AOM is the worlds biggest and most important conference within the management field. It attracts researchers from all over the world, so its not a surprise that we had a few researchers from CeFEO there this year.

Professor Ethel Brundin attended the conference and the Professional Development Workshop entitled 'New Directions in Research on Strategizing Activities and Practice: New Directions in SAP Research. This Workshop was organized by Chahrazad Abdallah (University of London) and David Seidl (University of Zürich). Professor Brundin presented one of five directions within the subject Emotions and strategy as practice togheter with Feng Liu (University of Warwick). After the presentations there were round table discussions where Steven W. Lloyd (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) commented the questions/inputs that were raised.

Associate Professor Francesco Chirico presented three different papers, see below. One of the co-authors, Giuseppe Criaco, is a PhD Candidate at CeFEO.

- Sirmon D., Chirico F, Ireland D. (2013). The challenge of product innovation in family firms. AOM 2013.  

- Carnes C., Hitt M., Wook Huh D., Chirico F, Sirmon D. (2013). The influence of synchronization and performance on strategic choice and innovation. AOM 2013.  

- Criaco G., Chirico F., Minola T. (2013) . Parental entrepreneurial exposure and offspring's entrepreneurial intention. AOM 2013.

Associate Professor Lucia Naldi had her paper presented, entitled: Relating Entreprenurial Capability to Learning and Variety: Performance implications, this since the co-author attended AOM, Sondos Gamal Abdelgawad (Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, Spain).

Furthermore, Assistant Professor Karin Hellerstedt presented a paper on Entrepreneurship and family business with the title ' Why do Male and Female CEOs Exit? Firm Performance and Board Homophily' (Co-authored with Siri Terjesen from Indiana, Fredrik Andersson from Statistics Central Bureau in Sweden and Karl Wennberg from Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden).

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