Director of CeFEO leads the course Family Business Development

During spring semester 2013 we are running a course named Family Business Development. Professor Mattias Nordqvist, our center Director, is the course leader.


The course deals with leading and developing family businesses; the most common type of organization in the world. The course addresses different organizational, strategic and governance aspects of this type of organizations, including the role of owners, family and non-family managers, advisors, board members as well as employees in developing and renewing family businesses. We explore key issues related to the dynamics of different types of family business (e.g. both small and large, both private and publicly listed), such as entrepreneurship, strategy development, culture, succession and management, and more.

The course takes an international perspective on these issues. The course is specially designed for those who are interested in working in (e.g. as owner and/or manager) or with (e.g. as advisor and consultant) family businesses.

Participants: Around 50

If you are interested in taking this course next year, please contact Professor Mattias Nordqvist (Director of CeFEO).