CeFEO Researchers at 2014 FFI Global Conference, Washington

CeFEO Researchers Professor Leif Melin and Professor Mattias Nordqvist (Director of CeFEO) are attending the FFI Global Conference in the U.S., at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill. Leif Melin is also on the FFIs

The Family Firm Institute (FFI) is pleased to announce its 2014 Global Conference, entitled Family Enterprise:

This year the conference — which annually brings together contributions from prominent keynote speakers, professionals, educators, researchers, and family business owners from throughout the world — will address the problems of complexity, the power of constituencies, and the constellation of socio-cultural forces exerting themselves across the field of family enterprise.

Complexities, Constituencies, and Constellations.

Session will focus on the following areas:

Complexity: Complexity is generally considered a hallmark of family enterprises. Complex systems imply multiple components, variables and interconnectedness, which typically cause changes to ripple throughout the system. In the intersection of family and business complex financial, familial, and organizational dynamics inevitably arise. Many believe they understand this complexity and how to prevent its complications. But this prompts the question of whether or not complications should or can be prevented. Is our understanding of complexity based on myth or research? Or conversely is complexity really a radical problem demanding a radical solution?

Constituencies: In the broadest sense, constituencies are groups or bodies that are involved in, patronize, support, represent or are served by an organization or institution. Family enterprise systems have constituencies both inside and outside their system. In consideration of our 2014 host city, Washington D.C., we will explore the many and often heterogeneous constituencies operating in the field of family enterprise and the range of issues that unify — and sometimes divide — those constituencies.

Constellations: Constellations are the connections among the discrete components of a system. Family enterprise is a global field of research and practice. Understanding the various configurations and interrelations — or constellations — of cultures, customs, country parameters, regional perspectives and values in which family enterprise researchers and practitioners are embedded is crucial to working successfully in the field of family enterprise. What can we learn from comparing and contrasting?


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