CeFEO Researchers included in the special issue - Temporal Dimensions in Family Enterprise Research

CeFEO Researchers, Associate Professors Lucia Naldi and Francescio Chirico (Co-authored with Alfredo De Massis and Josip Kotlar) has an article in the special issue

Guest Editors: Pramodita Sharma, Carlo Salvato and Trish Reay.

De Massis A., Chirico F., Kotlar J. and Naldi L. (2014).
The Temporal Evolution of Proactiveness in Family Firms: The
horizontal S-curve Hypothesis. Family Business Review, 27: 35-50.


We extend prior work on proactiveness in family firms by examining the relationship between firm age and proactiveness. Specifically, we propose an S-shaped effect of aging of family firms on proactiveness. Additionally, we provide a contingency perspective by considering the moderating role of the dispersion of managerial control among family members. Using a sample of Swiss family firms, we find that proactiveness first declines, then increases, and finally decreases again as the family firm ages, and that this relationship is steeper when the managerial control is dispersed among multiple family members.

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