List of accepted papers at the EIASM conference by CeFEO Researchers


Achtenhagen, L. and Brundin, E.  To break it and make it. The media representation of women entrepreneurs in family businesses in one of the most gender-equal societies.

Baú, M., Naldi, L. and Chirico, F. Parental altruism. A special handling for the offspring in business?

Criaco, G. and Nordqvist, M. Inherited ownership effects and spawns' survival. 

Haag, K. and Sund, L-G. Continuing the Business after Family Failure: Evidence from Three Post-Divorce Cases in Family Businesses.

Kuiken, A. Family business internationalization as a non-linear process.

Kumeto, G. Financial goals, non-financial goals, and inter-firm cooperation of family firms: A duality theory perspective.

Ljungkvist, T. and Boers, B. Resilience of family businesses and regional culture.

Mari, I. In praise of a group-based approach of trust in multiple family branches family firms.

Nordqvist, M. and Waldkirch M. Family business continuity and the Role of Non-Family CEOs.

Ramirez-Pasillas, M., Brundin, E. and Melin, L. Family mindsets, proactiveness and competitive agressiveness in family businesses.

Van Helvert-Beugels, J. and Matser, I. Informal Governance: The Advisory board. A quality study in a family business setting.