Workshop Getting Published in Top Tier Journals - Guidance and Insights, September 25-26

This workshop is organized by (CeFEO), at Jönköping International Business School in Sweden, with the purpose to enhance the scholarship of JIBS members and increase our ability to publish research in top-tier journals. The workshop takes place as a two-days retreat format at Hotel Gyllene Uttern, Gränna.

Our workshop on ‘Getting published in top tier journals’ will focus on aspects that are often significant barriers to publishing: (i) Asking the right questions; (ii) Identifying a significant theoretical contribution; and (iii) Framing and presenting the study. As such, participants will be challenged to answer the following questions about their work: (1) Who cares? What is the topic or research question, and why is it interesting and important in theory and practice? (2)

What do we know, what don’t we know, and so what? What key theoretical perspectives and empirical findings have already informed the topic or question? What major, unaddressed puzzle, controversy, or paradox does this study address, and why does it need to be addressed? (3) What will we learn? How does your study fundamentally change, challenge, or advance scholars’ understanding?

The external mentors for this workshop will be:

- Professor Michael A. Hitt (Texas A&M University, Texas)

- Professor Robert Hoskisson (Rice University, Texas)

- Professor Robin Holt (University of Liverpool, United Kingdom)

- Professor Charmine Hartel (UQ Business School, Australia)