List of accepted papers by CeFEO Researchers at SMS, AOM and IFERA

Chirico, F., DeTienne, D., Clinton, E. and Sciascia, S. 2014. Resource Structuring: Linking Resource Acquisition, Accumulation and Divestment in Family Firms


Criaco, G. and Nordqvist, M. 2014. Back to The Roots: Inherited Ownership Effects and Spawns' Performance.

Minola, P., Baú, M., Chirico, F. and De Massis, A. 2014. Behind Slack and Firm Performance: The Moderating Roles of Family Ownership and High-Tech Industry.


Akhter, N., Chirico, F. and Nordqvist, M. 2014. Entrepreneurial exit in family firm portfolios.

Chirico, F., Naldi, L., Baú, M. and Criaco, G. 2014. When the Environment gets Tough, the Family gets Going: Innovation in Family Firms.

Chirico, F., Matz, C., Dong, H. and Hitt, M. 2014. Resource Structuring and Innovation in Early - and Later-stage Firms. Accepted for the 74th Annual Meeting of Academy of Management - Philadelphia.

Chirico, F., Welsh, D. and Ireland, D. 2014. When do Family-firm Franchisors Outperform nonfamily-firm Franchisors? Accepted for the 74th Annual Meeting of Academy of Management - Philadelphia.

Kumeto, G., Brundin, E. and Nordqvist, M. 2014. Inter-Firm cooperation of Family Firms: Past Research, Contradictory Conclusions and Future Research Agenda.


Bau, M., Chirico, F. and Baboukardos, D. 2014. Voluntary Adoption of International Finanical Reporting Standards and the Role of Family Ownership.

Haag, K. and Sund, L-G. 2014. Impact of Divorce on the Family Business: Unfolding the Legal Problems in Theory and Practice.

Kuiken, A. and Naldi, L. 2014. Family, Friends and Business Partners: the Interplay between Networks and Internationalization of Family Firms.