2015 EIASM Family Business Conference

The 11th annual EIASM Workshop, is organized and hosted by EM Lyon, in France, May 29-30. "Shifting Boundaries in Family Firm Research"

Congratulations to all of our CeFEO researchers who have been accepted to this years EIASM Family Business Conference. (see the list of accepted CeFEO papers below)

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Andrea Kuiken, Lucia Naldi

“A Behavioral Approach to Non-Linear Internationalization of Family Firms”

Börje Boers

“Going Private: Why Family Controlled, Publicly-Listed Companies Decide to Leave the Stock-Exchange”

Ethel Brundin: (Brundin, E. and Languilaire, J-C)

“Should I Laugh or Should I Cry? An Emotion Perspective on Work-Family Boundaries in Family Firms”

Ethel Brundin, Leif Melin:

“The Role of Psychological and Social Aspects of Family Capital for Entrepreneurial Capacity over Generations”

Gershon Kumeto:

“The Role of Ownership in Mergers & Acquisitions: A Duality Perspective on Pre-Acquisition Choices in Family Firms”

Isabelle Mari:

“Maintaining Trust Over Generations in Multiple Family Branches Family Firms: A Group-Based Approach”

Kajsa Haag, Lars Göran Sund & Jean-Charles Languilaire

“Ownership Rights of Children in Family Firms: At the boundaries of Law and Business”

Leona Achtenhagen:

“Kind of Kin – Towards a Fluid Definition of ‘Family’ in Ethnic Minority Family Businesses”

Markus Plate

“The Family Business as a Structurally Shame-Prone Organization”

Mattias Waldkirch

”The Role of Non-Family Managers and CEO’s in Family Firms: A Critical Review”

Albertha Wielsma

"Understanding the family effect on family firm reputation through a qualitative approach"