Welcome Hamrin Visiting Professor Charmine Härtel

Professor Charmine Härtel from the University of Queensland, Australia, will be visiting CeFEO/JIBS during the period 2016-09-03—2016-12-03.

Charmine is Professor of Occupational Health and IO Psychology and past Head of Management at The University of Queensland Business School in Brisbane Australia. The core driver of her 30 some years of research and consulting activities can be summarized in three questions:

1. What organizational qualities and practices contribute simultaneously to economic, environmental, and human health and wellbeing for all stakeholders including workers, customers, and the community?
2. What leadership qualities and practices do such organizations require?
3. How can we improve health at work and the availability of healthy work for all members of the community?

Read more about Charmine’s background and research interests, here.

During her stay at CeFEO/JIBS Charmine will contribute with research presentations, workshop activities and guest lectures. She is also available for CeFEO and JIBS scholars who want feedback on their paper and projects.