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Graduate course


August 6 to 7, 2016: Arrival dates and pick-up service

August 8 to 19, 2016: The programme takes place


Developing Dynamic Family Enterprises Pdf, 44.8 kB.

Academic Content

The course deals with different family and business aspects of this important type of organization, including the role of the family members and owners, family and non-family managers, advisors, board members as well as employees in developing and renewing family enterprises. We explore key issues including succession, governance, entrepreneurship, strategic development, professionalization, marketing, and internationalization in family businesses.

We aim to provide students with first hand experience of family firm representatives through company visits and guest lectures by family business representatives. In 2015 we visit Kykekvarn Tourism, a third generation family business! Kyrkekvarn offers natural and tourism experiences near Jönköping. Once we learn about the history and challenges of this 3rd generation family business, we will have the oppurtunity to socialize during a canoe trip.

We also visit a larger family business in the area of Jönköping. Examples of companies that we have visited in the past are Kinnarps and Hangon. Kinnarps is an international more than 60 year old family enterprise that offers furniture to all types of workplaces and works systematically with sustainability. Hangon is a 400 year old, entrepreneurial family business that helps customers to find smart solutions for hanging, masking and handling which increases the efficiency and profitability in their coating process.

Understanding of opportunities and challenges of the family business is enhanced through case studies and/or guest lecturers. For example, the external CEO  of Svenstigs Bil has talked about his experience as a CEO in a family business. And the exit of the family business was covered through a case seminar about MoDo, a family business that was sold by the family. During this session, the students received immediate feedback from the advisor of the family business!

Social and Cultural Content

You will be able to discover Sweden and the region of Småland as part of the social and cultural events included in the programme. You will visit Vadstena Castle, one of Sweden’s best preserved castles from the Gustav Vasa period in the 16th century. You will also visit Gränna which is a small town outside of Jönköping where the popular peppermint candy canes are handmade, and the ruin Brahehus Castle. The programme will also include a welcome lunch, two evening activities, and other social activities.


Application fee: 900 SEK (for citizens outside the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland)

Tuition undergraduate courses: 16 250 SEK per course

Tuition graduate course: 13 250 SEK per course

Social and Cultural package: 600 SEK  (Welcome lunch, social activitites, company visit, cultural trip and farewell dinner)

Please feel free to contact us if you want to apply or require more information.The programme is fee-based.