CeFEO Researcher Massimo Baú received Pedagog Prize

Assistant Professor Massimo Baù at CeFEO is the recipient of the Pedagog Prize by Jönköping University.

The purpose of the prize is to reward outstanding educational efforts, recognized interest and commitment to the development of teaching and renowned teaching skills.

Both students and staff at JU nominate teachers to the board of education and research that appoints the winner.

Came to Jönköping in 2009   

Baù has worked in JIBS during the last four years ago, but he firstly came to Jönköping in 2009 as a PhD Visiting student. In the last two years he coached the JIBS team that won the Family Enterprise Case Competition.

Nominations for the price read in part:

Massimo is very appreciated by the students thanks to his knowledge and dedication as a teacher.…

– In the end, what really matters is passion, interest and respect, says Massimo.

He will receive 50 000 SEK   

The winner of the prize receives 50 000 SEK for personal development.

– I havent decided what to yet, I havent received it yet, he says with a laugh.

The prize will be awarded on May 21 at the Jönköping University Inauguration and Conferment Cerimony. In the same occasion, Pramodita Sharma, professor in Family Business at the University of Vermont, will receive an honorary doctorate. She is the organizer of the contest that Massimo and the JIBS team won the last 3 years.

– It will be a great day!


Source: www.jnytt.se