Paper published in JFBM by CeFEO Researchers

CeFEO Researchers Assistant Professor

The purpose of this paper is to explore the case of divorce in family business from a legal perspective and highlight the problems at the applying family law in the family business context.

The authors has used legal analysis and interviews as their approach.

The findings show that the law is ill fitted to the situation where there is a family business included in the division of marital property. In divorce, family law dictates the division of marital property and the family business is reduced to an asset to be divided like any other. Critical issues are identified and elaborated.

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Haag, K. and Sund, L-G. 2015. Divorce in the family business: unfolding the legal problems by learning from practice. Journal of Family Business Management, 6: 81-96.

This research is made possible through a generous grant from Torsten Söderbergs Research Foundation as part of the project “Family Business, Divorce and Division of Marital Property” R6/11.