Report presented at Entreprenörskapsforum

Wednesday March 16, 2016 a new study conducted by CeFEO professor Lucia Naldi and PhD candidate Andrea Kuiken was released at Entreprenörskapsforum in Stockholm. The report entitled ‘international market exit and re-entry: an empirical study of export patterns of Swedish SMEs’.

The report shows that not all exporting SMEs in the manufacturing and retail industry have a steady presence in the export market. Over 40% of the exporting Swedish SMEs exit from all export markets at some point in time and only half of them re-enter at a later stage. Although these figures tend to be consistent across regions, especially Jönköpings Län shows a high share of firms that export on a continuous basis (78%). Firms between 10 and 30 years of age are those which mainly exhibit an intermittent export behavior, exiting and re-entering the export market. The vast majority of firms that exhibit a steady presence in the export market are family-owned firms, and family ownership is less common among firms that exited the export market permanently. The report concludes that Swedish policy should not only focus on stimulating firms to start exporting. Because a variety of factors are influencing export behavior, export programs need to be flexible, targeting also firms that have exited export markets or that do not export on a regular basis, regions that show a high share of long term exporting, and take into account the ownership perspective.


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