CeFEO Thesis Award winners 2018 on Family Business and Ownership

The Centre for Family Enterprise and Ownership is proud to announce the winners of the JIBS/CeFEO Thesis Award on Family Business and Ownership.

The awards were given to students who, through their genuine interest, hard work and commitment, have written, presented and successfully defended a Bachelor or Master Thesis in JIBS’ profile area with a focus on Family Business or Ownership in Spring 2018.

1st place – “JIBS/CeFEO Thesis Award on Family Business and Ownership”

Thesis: “Soft Issues in Family Firms – A Study About Content And Process Advisors”
Autors: Marina Baù & Peter Trümmel
Supervisor: Mattias Nordqvist
Prize: 15 000 sek
Read it here: https://bit.ly/2SrPLUl

2nd place – Honorable mention

Thesis: “The Chairperson of the Board – An exploratory study in Swedish Enterprises”
Authors: Alexander Meineke & Anup Banerjee
Supervisor: Mattias Nordqvist
Prize: 10 000 sek
Read it here: https://bit.ly/2H5Yzxc

2nd place – Honorable mention

Thesis: “Open Innovation in Family Firms – How does the Family Involvement influence the Implementation of Open Innovation?”
Authors: Kristin Klinge & Eike Bünker
Supervisor: Tommaso Minola
Prize: 10 000 sek
Read it here: https://bit.ly/2BU596E

The jury was formed by three CeFEO faculty members: Professor Francesco Chirico, Associate Professor Daniel Pittino, and Associate Professor Karin Hellerstedt.

JIBS and CeFEO are grateful to all contributors to the competition and congratulate the awarded authors and their supervisors!