Love or Hate – Conflicts in family businesses

On March 7th CeFEO will host a practitioners seminar focused on conflicts in Family firms for members and owners of family businesses.

Working with family members in business may bring passion and fulfillment, but it can also be a source of intense conflict. Although conflicts are a normal part of life, they play out differently in family firms. In extreme cases, these conflicts can tear families apart and lead to insolvency. This workshop aims to bring members of business families and experts on conflicts in family firms into a dialog.

At the occasion CeFEO researchers professor Ethel Brundin and assistant professor Markus Plate from the Jönköping International Business School will use a combination of presentations, group discussions and real life examples to learn about conflicts in business family owning, their causes and how we can deal with them.

During the seminar, they will also provide practical tools for conflict management. In order to provide a safe atmosphere, the workshop targets members of family business and owners of family businesses only.

This event is part of a CeFEO seminar series for practitioners and will be held in Swedish with parts of the lectures in English. To learn more about this and other events of the series, please check (in swedish).