Available now -  A Special Issue of Organization studies

Entrepreneurial families rule the world – do we know enough about it in Organization Studies?

 A Special Issue of ORGANIZATION STUDIES, “Advancing Organization Studies in Family Business Research”, is now available with CeFEO members Francesco Chirico and Leif Melin along with, Carlo Salvato and David Seidl, as guest editors. 

Contents of the Special Issue:
Carlo Salvato, Francesco Chirico, Leif Melin and David Seidl (2019). Coupling Family Business Research with Organization Studies: Interpretations, Issues and Insights. Organization Studies 40(6): 775–791.

Innan Sasaki, Davide Ravasi and Evelyn Micelotta (2019). Family Firms as Institutions: Cultural reproduction and status maintenance among multi-centenary shinise in Kyoto. Organization Studies 40(6): 793–831.

Jianhua Ge and Evelyn Micelotta (2019). When Does the Family Matter? Institutional pressures and corporate philanthropy in China. Organization Studies 40(6): 833–857.

Julia Vincent Ponroy, Patrick Lê and Camille Pradies (2019). In a Family Way? A model of family firm identity maintenance by non-family members. Organization Studies 40(6): 859–886.

Elizabeth Long Lingo and Michael B. Elmes (2019). Institutional Preservation Work at a Family Business in Crisis: Microprocesses, Emotions, and Nonfamily Members. Organization Studies 40(6): 887–916.

Heechun Kim, Robert E. Hoskisson and J. Daniel Zyung (2019). Socioemotional Favoritism: Evidence from Foreign Divestitures in Family Multinationals. Organization Studies 40(6): 917–940.