New Post-Doctoral Researchers

CeFEO welcomes Sara Fitz-Koch and Johan Karlsson 

Sarah Fitz-Koch recently defended her PhD dissertation on identity dynamics in entrepreneurship and has joined the Centre for Family Entrepreneurship and Ownership as a Post-Doctoral Researcher. Sarah’s research interests center on entrepreneurship and small family businesses in the agricultural sector and her current projects examine the relationship between entrepreneurship and well-being of families and individuals, as well as explore next generation entrepreneurial activities. Her recent work has been published in Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice and Journal of Small Business Management.



Johan Karlsson also joins the Centre for Family Entrepreneurship and Ownership as a post-doctoral researcher. Johan holds a PhD in Economics from Örebro University and his research focuses on family firms, firm growth barriers and the dynamics between firm ownership and firm performance. Johan has published work in the Journal of Family Business Strategy, Small Business Economics, and the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. He has a number of ongoing research projects which focus on family firms, firm growth barriers, top management, regional growth, and entrepreneurship.