CeFEO members nominated for IFERA awards

Lucia Naldi, Daniel Pittino, Francesco Chirico and Mattias Nordqvist’s paper: “Family well being under business financial constraints” which investigates the mechanisms through which business-owning families can cope with the stress generated by company’s financial difficulties, has been nominated for the IFERA 2020 Best Conference Paper Award.

Mattias Sandgren has been nominated for the IFERA 2020 Best Research Proposal Award. Mattias' title is "The Role of Accountants in Shaping Disclosure Strategies and Practices in Family Firms" . Disclosures of financial, social and sustainable performance may be perceived by stakeholders in a favourable manner and thus positively affect reputational capital allowing firms to charge premium prices and enhance access to capital. In the choice of disclosure strategy tensions ought to arise as the family, owners or managers decide which disclosure strategy to choose. As the person with access to the relevant accounting information, what is role of the accountant in the shaping of disclosure strategies and practices? Mattias's research work seeks to answer this question.

Congratulations on the nominations and best of luck during the IFERA award ceremony.