Legitimacy processes for female-led family ventures in an Arab society

New article in the Journal of Family Business Strategy by CeFEO members Sumaya Hashim, Lucia Naldi, and Magdalena Markowska.

CeFEO members Sumaya Hashim, Lucia Naldi, and Magdalena Markowska recently published an article titled “The royal award goes to… legitimacy processes for female-led family ventures” in the Journal of Family Business Strategy (ABS2). The article explores how female-led family ventures gain legitimacy in an Arab society and suggests that there are interactions and reciprocal relationships among the founders and the people with whom they interact that can both influence and be influenced by the process of legitimacy formation.” Based on their research and analysis, the authors develop a process model of the legitimacy formation for female-led family venture that consists of three main phases: individual legitimacy, market validity, and royal validity.

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Read more here : https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jfbs.2020.100358