Helene Ahl is now Affiliated Professor at CeFEO

CeFEO is very happy to introduce Helene Ahl as a CeFEO Affiliated Professor.

Helene is a professor and researcher at Encell, the National Centre for Lifelong Learning at Ju’s School of Education and Communication.

Helene received her PhD degree at Jönköping International Business School in 2002 with an award winning thesis described as a feminist, critical discourse analysis of research texts on women's entrepreneurship.

Her research projects include work on motivation and adult learning, research on work place learning and research within feminist theory and entrepreneurship, Embla. At present she leads a research project on women's entrepreneurship in rural areas, another one on mothers who start their own business, and a third on integration of Syrians to the Swedish society, in co-operation with McMaster University in Canada. She is also a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Lancaster University Management School.

Helene teaches Gender and Organization at the Human Resource Management Program, and Gender Education for university professors. She also supervises doctoral students.

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