How Women Can Make it in the Ultimate Man's World

“How Women Can Make it in the Ultimate Man's World” is the title of a newly published article on, which is based on the research of CeFEO members Sumaya Hashim, Lucia Naldi, and Magdalena Markowska and their recent publication at Journal of Family Business Strategy entitled: The royal award goes to…”: Legitimacy processes for female-led family ventures".

The article explores how female-led family ventures gain legitimacy and develops a process model that consists of three main phases: individual legitimacy, market validity, and royal validity. is an insightful website that provides research, education and mentoring resources for anyone interested in family business and entrepreneurship. The above article is part of an initiative created by Torsten Pieper, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Family Business Strategy and Kimberly Eddleston, Founding Editor, where relevant JFBS articles are selected, translated for practitioners and made broadly available to the general society.

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