JIBS ranked second in Sweden for Business and Management research

A recent university ranking presented by Research.com puts Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) at Jönköping University as number two in Sweden for top business and management research. The ranking is based on the number of highly cited scientists that a university has within the field of Business and Management.

When it comes to the number of top researchers in the field of Business and Management and their combined impact, JIBS is placed as number two of all the universities in Sweden and in the top 132 worldwide.

The ranking presented by Research.com is based on the h-index (the number that indicates the productivity and impact of research based on citations) of nearly 6000 researchers. Those with an h-index of 30 or more qualified for selection as top Business and Management researchers. The university ranking is based on the total number of such top researchers at each institution and their combined h-index.

JIBS has three such top researchers within the field of Business and Management: Professor Per Davidsson External, Professor Mattias Nordqvist (CeFEO), and Professor Charlie Karlsson, with a combined h-index of 134. In Sweden, the highest ranked is Linköping University, with five such researchers and a combined h-index of 214.

“This most recent ranking is based on the bibliometric performance of the most well-cited researchers worldwide. These are not only outstanding scholars; they are also mentors, colleagues, and influential members of our research groups. These groups, in turn, represent the fundaments to both education and societal engagement. Hence, both our students and our partners in society will benefit from this academic environment,” says Jerker Moodysson, Dean and Managing Director at JIBS.