Jönköping International Business School climbs the Financial Times' Masters in Management 2022 ranking

Financial Times published the prestigious Masters in Management 2022 ranking. JIBS is on the list for the second year in a row scoring the 84th place, eight places higher than last year.

"We already know that our education programmes are of a very high international standard. This ranking not only confirms that but is also proof that our students succeed very well in life after they graduate," says Jerker Moodysson, Dean and Managing Director at JIBS.

Only one hundred business schools worldwide make the list, which means that the global competition is fierce. The ranking is based on a combination of quality indicators from the school and survey responses from students three years after graduation. Variables that have a major impact on the result are the students' success in the labor market, their perceived value for money, as well as the school's internationalization and gender equality.


JIBS has a distinctly international profile, and the master's programs are designed to attract and develop competence worldwide. The education is research-based with a clear connection to the business world. Close to half of the staff and approximately 80 per cent of JIBS' master's students have a foreign background. The multicultural environment and the opportunity for international experience make the students well equipped for a global job market. JIBS students succeed well in their professional careers in terms of both establishment in the job market, salary development, and international mobility, as evident from this year's ranking.

"We work hard to offer the best possible education and the most exciting academic environment within our areas of expertise. Rankings like this show that it is possible to achieve success globally, even for a smaller school outside the metropolitan regions. This is good both for us and for the region's business community, which can benefit from the skills and networks these students build during their education," says Jerker Moodysson.

Alongside JIBS, two more Swedish business schools are on the list: Stockholm School of Economics and Lund University School of Economics and Management.

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