Winners 2018

InPot - Innovation Potential in managing day-to-day operations and control
Project leader Annika Engström

ODISSEE - Optimal Design using Integrated Simulation baSed EnginEering
Project leader Jakob Olofsson

Pro Foundry Technology - Strategic recruitment of Professor in Foundry Technology
Project leader Attila Dioszegi

VastIron - Volume change analyses at solidification of cast iron
Project leader Attila Dioszegi



The project has clearly shifted our technical competence by means of huge analytical expertise that will be of great help in the future. The communication has been superb and thereby created clarity in planning between the university and the company. The project has in several ways given "aha"-experiences and by far exceeded our expectations.


Annika and the team have led the project to our full satisfaction and given our improvement commitments greater clarity. We want to be highly involved in this type of project in the future. The communication has worked very well in the project, we have gotten close with each other and had a very good dialogue. The only thing to add in retrospect is that we could have used the competence from the project manager even more, as it was brilliant.


The result of a clear calculation method for analysis of plastic fiber has been the end result of this project, and has given us a clear program, a stimulus to succeed. The dialogue worked well, and the project dealt with calculation models that have been relevant for solving challenges in the business. We want to participate in this type of investment in the future.

Pro Foundry Technology

Thanks to the project, a roadmap has been created for the entire foundry technology research. It makes a big difference. It has certainly lived up to the expectations we had for these projects. We of course want to be involved in future research projects; the whole team does an incredibly important job for the industry.