Practitioners can spend a visiting period at CeFEO in our rich research environment with the goal of cooperating with us and strengthening our research and outreach initiatives in the areas of family business and ownership.

We welcome Family Business and Ownership practitioners (e.g., consultants, coaches, psychologists,...) to spend a visiting period at CeFEO. We offer the opportunity to engage in dialogue with a multidisciplinary team of scholars (strategy, organization, leadership, innovation, marketing, accounting, governance, law) with a particular interest in research, education, and outreach activities in the contexts of Family Business and Ownership.

During the research period, CeFEO and JIBS provide visitors with office space and access to the university and library resources, as well as multiple activities (e.g., seminars, workshops, networking).

The duration of these visits is up to 3 months depending on the needs of the visitors and CeFEO availability. Multiple research projects, teaching activities, and collaborations emerge from such visits.


Practitioners are invited to consider the CeFEO Visiting Practitioner program.