Hans Dahlseng

Hans has a wide and varied background of knowledge and experience, being educated a craftsman, a captain and an academic. He is a skilled wooden boat builder, has worked as captain on both traditional sailing ships and modern regatta boats, and has gained experience as a clinical psychologist in several disciplines. He also has experience both as a manager and business owner, and has been involved in building companies from scratch. He now runs a private psychologist practice in Oslo where the time is divided between clinical work - mainly trauma work and hypnosis, and coaching of owners and leaders, in addition to teaching and training other professionals in the skills of hypnosis.

This is the backdrop for his work with owners of family businesses. The idea behind the concept of "ownership development" is that there are many good programs for leadership development, but little follow-up for owners of family businesses. The owners are the "governning point" in a company, that is, it is the highest decision-making authority. If there is fuzz here and the owners are not in tune, the fuzz will manifest itself down through the organization. Hans works from the top down when he assisting organizations. By finding common goals and values at the top, conflicts further down are avoid and organizations runs smoother. By helping owners see the bigger picture in order to discover common intentions and visions, one often encounters something far greater than growth and earnings. This may transform the company to contribute in creating a more sane economy and a better world.