Annika Hall

CeFEO Affiliated Researcher
PhD, Practitioner


Annika Hall has PhD in business administration (strategy and family business) from Jönköping International Business School, Sweden.

Today she works full time as an advisor to privately held businesses with a focus on ownership (and leadership) transfer and corporate governance, still finding time to dedicate to teaching activities in the family business courses at Jönköping International Business School.

She have written a number of books, articles and blogs on the topic of ownership and leadership succession with a special focus on family business.

She is particularly interested in ownership issues. The enactment of ownership has a decisive influence on a privately held business. Unclear, unstructured, or conflicting owners can cause a lot of damage to an organization. Times of ownership succession, during which the shares are transferred from one generation to the next, are especially challenging. During this process deeply personal and emotional challenges around relations, identity and meaning tend to arise, on top of the financial, legal and tax related issues. Sooner or later all privately held businesses need to face this highly complex change process. By addressing the issues in a well thought out process, it is possible to avoid being captured by circumstances beyond one’s control.