A world leader in Vindeln Sustainable corporate building over generations

On May 30th CeFEO will host at JIBS an important seminar for practitioners about sustainable corporate building over generations (in Swedish).

The seminar will be presented by Anders Jonsson, owner of a world-leading forestry company stablished in Vindeln, and his daughter Caroline. At the occasion Annika Hall will also share results from CeFEOs long tradition of research about succession.

This event is part of a CeFEO seminar series for practitioners about sustainable business and the importance of long term ownership.

The first event of this series took place on March 19th when Jenny Jakobsson and Jan Hedenborn presented and discussed Corporate Social Responsibility as strategic competitive advantage. http://vertikals.se/cefeo/2018/03/22/forskning-om-foretagande-foretagare-jonkoping/

Please read more information and register at: http://ju.se/hallbartforetagande