Sustainability and Raspberry “Lakrits” candy sustainable ownership by external management and external board of directors

On Nov 5th CeFEO will host the third seminar of an important seminar series for practitioners about Sustainable business and the importance of long term ownership (in Swedish).

In this seminar, Ulrik Lindström (owner of Bubs - Swedish traditional Raspberry “Lakrits” candy company) will explain how the company has managed to challenge the candy industry in its own unique way. Then Ulrik, together with Henrik Elfwing (CEO) and Jonas Carpvik (Chairman of the Board) will talk about how long-term family ownership can be made possible through external board members and an external CEO. The seminar will be held in Swedish and will be moderated by CeFEO associate Annika Hall, who will give an insight into conditions for constructive interaction between the owner, the board and the CEO.

To learn more about other events of the series, please check (in swedish).