The craft of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurship of craft a conversation about the meeting of practice and theory with the furniture industry as an example

On Nov 29th CeFEO will host the fourth seminar of an important seminar series for practitioners about Sustainable business and the importance of long term ownership (in Swedish).

Crafts and entrepreneurship are often seen as each other's opposites where crafts normally stands for preservation of tradition and entrepreneurship for renewal. In various contexts - business meetings, industry meetings and even in museum environments - Agneta Trybom, chairman of Sweden's organization for furniture restauration and Bengt Johannisson, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Linnaeus University, have questioned this picture. They will present their arguments as a dialogue and thereafter Professor Leona Achtenhagen and Associate Professor Kajsa Haag from the International Business School in Jönköping, will present a study on the emergence of Scandinavian Design together with representatives of the company Karl Andersson & Söner.

To learn more about other events of the series, please check (in swedish).