Authors: Marianna Antoniadou, Mats Granlund & Anna Karin Andersson


Aim: To investigate strategies used by professionals in pediatric rehabilitation to engage children in every step of the intervention process, including assessment, goal setting, planning and implementation of the intervention, and results evaluation.

Methods: A scoping literature review was conducted, and seven databases were searched, including CINAHL and MEDLINE, ProQuest Central, PsycINFO, Social Science Premium Collection, PubMed, and Web of Science. A citation search of included articles was completed. Predetermined criteria, quality standards, and PIO framework guided
the selection process. Results were presented in relation to Self- Determination Theory (SDT) and the contextual model of therapeutic change.

Results: In total, 20 studies were included in the review. Pediatric professionals reported that therapeutic use of self and their own engagement in the intervention facilitated the establishment of a supportive relationship. Providing clear explanations about their role
and therapy rationale developed positive expectations. By making the child feel successful within-session and outside-session activities, professionals enhanced child mastery. Professionals’ strategies were abstractly described.

Conclusions: Further research is needed to investigate strategies that are effective in the different steps of the intervention. More observational, longitudinal studies are required to capture fluctuations in in-session engagement.