The logotype is one of the most visible parts of Jönköping University’s brand. When the logotype is used correctly, it creates recognition and contributes to strenghtening the brand. It is therefore important that those that those using the logotype know how and when it can be used.

Design of the logotype

jönköping univeristy logo

The university’s logotype consists of the name Jönköping University and a symbol. The symbol is a shape that combines the letters J and U.

Using the logotype

jönköping univeristy logo

The logotype is available in black, white and grey. The black and grey logotype is used on a light background and the white on a dark background.

Use of the symbol only
The main rule is that the logotype must be used in its entirety and that the symbol should only be used without the name Jönköping University in exceptional cases. This may be applicable for certain profile materials or visual imagery where the sender is clear without the logotype. The symbol must not be placed together with or too close to other text, as the recipient may view it as a logotype.


jönköping univeristy logo

There are three versions of the logotype.

Logotype A is the university's main logotype. It is always the first choice. Only when it is not possible to use logotype A do the other versions become an option.

Logotype B is used when there are specific requirements for legibility or a lack of space for logotype A.

Logotype C is a special variant and is only used in exceptional cases. The Communications Department will decide in each instance when logotype C is to be used.

Free zone and placement

jönköping univeristy logo

The logotype must be clearly visible. It must therefore not be placed too close to text or other graphical elements.

  • The logotype may not be included in headings or running text.
  • The logotype may not be placed too close to the margins.

The logotype must always be surrounded by a free zone equivalent to or greater than the width of the symbol. This also applies in cases where the symbol is used without the name Jönköping University.