Here we present longer, more in-depth, articles on research from Jönköping University.

  • Can JU’s new research project help us get a better night’s sleep?

    During the pandemic, many people have had problems with sleep and, as a result, society is now facing a wave of sleep-related ill health. Sleep researchers at Jönköping University have therefore started up a unique, interdisciplinary project that will provide sufferers tailor-made treatment via an app.“Everyone has different needs. A successful treatment needs to be custom-built for the individual," says Professor Anders Broström.
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  • Low level of innovation among Swedish food producers: new research will strengthen competitive edge

    A new research project from Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) ‘Innovation in the food supply chain’, shows that innovation systems are not built to meet the needs of smaller companies working with food production.
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  • Robothand

    New research profile focusing on AI in industrial organisations

    Artificial intelligence, AI, has the potential to radically transform companies in many industries. But how can each company use AI in the most beneficial way for their specific business? And how is the organisation and the people in it affected by the new technology? In the research profile AFAIR at Jönköping University (JU), technological, financial and organisational aspects of the implementation of AI are integrated.
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