Jönköping University in numbers financial year 2021.

Education on Bachelor's and Master's level

Revenue: 829 million SEK
7,871 full-time equivalent students (commissions not included)
60 per cent women.
12,461 registered students.
2,596 awarded degrees.


Revenue: 279 million SEK
50 full professors.
186 doctoral students whereof 63 per cent women. 
12 awarded doctoral degrees.


1,850 international students from 120 countries,
whereof 323 are incoming exchange students
and 571 are international programme students,
whereof 271 are fee-paying students.
265 outgoing students.
Approx. 350 partner universities worldwide.


Revenue, commissions: 89 million SEK
800 partner companies and 1,000 research and practicum partnership schools.
209 full-time equivalent students in commissioned education.


838 full-time equivalent employees (54 per cent women).
464 full-time equivalent teachers (53 per cent women),
whereof 279 by teachers with research education (46 per cent women),
whereof 50 by full professors (42 per cent women).


1,030 million SEK revenue for the group whereof 710 million SEK in state funding for the Foundation.