Service Center

Service Center

We at Service Center are here to help you as a student, staff or guest at Jönköping University. If we cannot answer your question directly, we make sure that you get help from the right person.

This is what we can help you with in Service Center

  1. General study related questions
  2. Distribution of JU cards (not during start of the semester, read more)
  3. Questions about your scanned exam
  4. Certificates from Ladok
  5. Directions
  6. Parking permits for students and guests
  7. Lost & found

The JU-shop, where you can buy our profile products such as clothes, mugs and pens, is also available in Service Center. Please note that you can only pay by card.

Parking permits

Every month on the 25th we start the sale of students parking permits for the next month. If the 25th is a holiday we will start the sale next working day. Please note that you can only pay by card.

You need to show your JU-card and a valid stamp that you have paid the Student Union fee when you buy the parking permit. You pay the Student Union fee at the Student Unionexternal link, opens in new window.


You can visit Service Center in the middle of campus or call us. You will find our opening hours to the right.

You are also welcome to contact Service Center here.

Opening hours

Contact us at Service Center!

Visit us:

Monday: 7.30-16.00
Tuesday: 7.30-16.00
Wednesday: 7.30-16.00
Thursday: 11.30-16.00
Friday: 7.30-15.00

Phone 036 - 10 19 70:

Monday: 10-11
Tuesday: 10-11
Wednesday: 10-11
Thursday: No phone hours
Friday: 10-11

We who work in Service Center:

  1. Madelene Hartwig
  2. Camilla Wahlgren
  3. Amanda Bergenhill
  4. Magnus Ilvered


Contact us at Accomodation Office!

Visit us in Service Center:

Monday: 13-14
Tuesday: 13-14
Wednesday: 13-14
Thursday: 13-14
Friday: Closed

We who work at the Accommodation office:

  1. Susanna Grahn
  2. Karin John
  3. Tomas Molin