A valuable resource from our students available to your company

As we prepare for the popular Marketing Management course which our students will take in the spring, we have the opportunity to invite a few companies to partner with our students in real projects related to Marketing Management. Examples of these projects include Social or Digital Media, Market or product Analyses, Communications, and more.

By partnering with our students, your company will receive approximately 200 free consulting hours from each group our Marketing Management students. The process for the cooperation between companies and JIBS Marketing Management Course 2023 is outlined below:

  • A group of 4-6 students will be assigned to your company to collaborate on a project for the duration of their course, which runs from late-March to late-May. Together with you, the students will identify a relevant project to work on, and will be responsible for initiating contact, conducting research on your company, and writing a report about the project.
  • As a partner company, you only need to invest 5-6 hours during the period of the course, which includes an exchange of emails, a meeting with the students (virtual or physical depending on your location), answering questions from the group, and receiving the final report.
  • The first meeting with the group should take place after week 13, so you don't need to do anything before then. During this first meeting, you will discuss and agree on a possible case-question for them, based on the framework of the course and your needs.
  • Participating companies can benefit greatly from this partnership. Most companies are satisfied with what the students deliver, and appreciate the students’ help with analyses and investigations that the company might not have time for. It is also an excellent opportunity to strengthen your brand, make connections with talented students, and gain access to their competences.

My colleagues and I are available if you have any questions or would like more information. Please use the contact information provided below:

Ingrid Aronsson (ingrid.aronsson@ju.se)

Adam Al-Azzawi (adam.al-azzawi@ju.se)

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