Jonna Rickardsson

Postdoc Economics
CEnSE - Centre for Entrepreneurship and Spatial Economics , Jönköping International Business School
Postdoc Economics
Economics , Jönköping International Business School
PhD in Economics


Garz, M., Rickardsson, J. (2023). Ownership and media slant: Evidence from Swedish newspapers Kyklos (Basel), 76(1), 18-40. More information
Karlsson, C., Rickardsson, J., Wincent, J. (2021). Diversity, innovation and entrepreneurship: where are we and where should we go in future studies? Small Business Economics, 56, 759-772. More information
Rickardsson, J. (2021). The urban–rural divide in radical right populist support: the role of resident’s characteristics, urbanization trends and public service supply The annals of regional science, 67, 211-242. More information
Rickardsson, J., Mellander, C., Bjerke, L. (2021). The Stockholm Syndrome: the view of the capital by the “Places Left Behind” Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, 14(3), 601-617. More information

Doctoral thesis

Rickardsson, J. (2023). Opinion formation in a changing regional economy (Doctoral thesis, Jönköping: Jönköping University, Jönköping International Business School). More information

Other publications

Rickardsson, J. . Exposure to refugees and voting behavior: a spatial analysis. More information


Rickardsson, J., Mellander, C. (2017). Absolute vs Relative Income and Life Satisfaction. Stockholm: Royal Institute of Technology, CESIS More information
Backman, M., Nilsson, P., Klaesson, J., Westlund, H., Rickardsson, J., Wassen, L. (2016). Utvärdering av Landsbygdsprogrammet 2007-2013 (Axel 1). Jönköping: Jordbruksverket More information