Lars Bokander

Assistant Professor of Swedish as a Second Language
Department of Language, Aesthetic Learning and Literature , School of Education and Communication


My research interests include issues of methodology and validity in research on second language learning. For example, such issues concern how to construct reliable tests to measure second language development, or to measure underlying factors that are thought to influence second language development. I am also interested in the assessment of language proficiency in educational contexts.


In the autumn of 2021, I defended my PhD at Linnaeus University with a thesis on validity in language aptitude research. I teach courses on the structure of the Swedish language, Swedish as a second language and multilingualism, research methodology and supervise student theses in Swedish teacher education. I have many years of experience teaching Swedish as a foreign language abroad and Swedish as a second language to adult learners in Sweden. My previous education includes a Master's degree in Language Testing from Lancaster University (UK) and a Master's degree in Swedish Language from Lund University.


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Doctoral thesis

Bokander, L. (2021). Validity considerations in the study of language learning aptitude (Doctoral thesis, Växjö: Linnaeus University Press). More information

Book chapter

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Conference paper

Bokander, L., Agebjörn, A. (2023). Skolbakgrund, strategianvändning och ordförrådsutveckling på sfi. Presenterad vid Svenskans beskrivning 39, 4–6 oktober 2023, Växjö: Linnéuniversitetet. More information
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