Lars Carlsson

Senior Associate Professor
Head of Department
Department of Computing , School of Engineering


Ahlberg, E., Mirkina, I., Olsson, A., Söyland, C., Carlsson, L. (2023). On the selection of relevant historical demand data for revenue management applied to transportation Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 22(4), 266-275. More information

Conference paper

Althoff, S., Szabadváry, J., Anderson, J., Carlsson, L. (2023). Evaluation of conformal-based probabilistic forecasting methods for short-term wind speed forecasting. 12th Symposium on Conformal and Probabilistic Prediction with Applications, COPA 2023 Limassol 13 September 2023 through 15 September 2023. More information

Other publications

McShane, S., Norinder, U., Alvarsson, J., Ahlberg, E., Carlsson, L., Spjuth, O. (2023). CPSign - Conformal Prediction for Cheminformatics Modeling. More information