Sumaya Hashim

Business Administration , Jönköping International Business School


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Hashim, S., Naldi, L., Markowska, M. (2021). “The royal award goes to…”: Legitimacy processes for female-led family ventures The Journal of Family Business Strategy, 12(3). More information
Al Ansari, A., Strachan, K., Hashim, S., Otoom, S. (2017). Analysis of psychometric properties of the modified SETQ tool in undergraduate medical education BMC Medical Education, 17(1). More information

Doctoral thesis

Hashim, S. (2021). Women Entrepreneurship: Masculinity, Legitimacy and Well-being (Doctoral thesis, Jönköping: Jönköping University, Jönköping International Business School). More information

Conference paper

Hashim, S., Markowska, M., Naldi, L. (2019). I can do more than a man! The legitimacy route of female-led family ventures in Bahrain. Wellesley, MA: Babson College, 39th Annual Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC), June 5-8, 2019, Wellesley, USA. More information

Other publications

Hashim, S. (2014). Project Change Dissertation Introduction of Video-Based Open Education Resources(OER) in a Third Level Educational Institution [Masters dissertation]. Dublin: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland More information
Hashim, S. . Women Entrepreneurs in the Gulf States: Taking Stock and Moving Forward. More information
Hashim, S. . The interplay between women entrepreneurs and different forms of masculinity. More information
Hashim, S., Naldi, L., Markowska, M. . From entrapment to enraptured: Eudaimonic well-being through entrepreneurial activity. More information