Karin Havemose

Senior Lecturer Work Organisation
Ph.D. in Science


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Karin Havemose is interested in man's creative and border-crossing work. In her doctoral thesis she focused on the art of invention - a problem solving and practical work that puts thoughts, things and tradition in motion.

Karin's research has continued to focus on practical professional skills where dialogue, knowledge, action and responsibility are fundamental for reaching a sustainable and long term activity development.


Karin was born and raised in Stockholm but moved to Jönköping in 1991 and later to Gränna. In 2006 she defended her doctoral thesis at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Karin has been employed at the School of Engineering since 1998 where she has developed courses and contract education within leadership and project management.


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Doctoral thesis

Havemose, K. (2006). Konsten att uppfinna hjulet två gånger: om uppfinnandets teknik och estetik (Doctoral thesis, Stockholm: Institutionen för industriell ekonomi och organisation, Kungliga Tekniska högskolan). More information

Book chapter

Havemose, K., Karltun, J., Netz, J. (2022). MakerSquare. In: M. Forslund & L. Gustafsson (Ed.), Förnyelse på Småländska Växjö: Linnaeus University Press More information

Conference paper

Netz, J., Havemose, K. (2021). Resilient Leadership Development in the Wake of Upheaval: The Role of Social Capital. 12th International Symposium on Process Organization Studies, 1-4 September, Online. More information
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Karltun, J., Karltun, A., Havemose, K., Kjellström, S. (2019). Positioning the study of first line managers’ resilient action strategies. 8th REA Symposium on Resilience Engineering: Scaling up and Speeding up, Kalmar, Sweden, June 24-27, 2019. More information

Other publications

Ahl, H. (2022). Motivation, finns det? [video]. More information


Havemose, K. (2005). Kunskapsbildning genom mångfald och gränsöverskridande: Utvärdering av Mentorsprogram för kvinnor - samverkan i Jönköpings län 2003-2005. More information