Karin Ingeson

Doctoral Student in Education
Doctoral Programmes , School of Education and Communication

Karin Ingeson is a doctoral student in education in the LPS-group (Larning Practices inside and outside School) She is doing her PhD education as a “kommundoktorand” (Municipality doctoral student) that means a combination between part time PhD-studies and part time work as a teacher. Right now, Karin works in adult education at upper secondary level and with school development in Vetlanda. Karin has worked in adult education as a teacher in Swedish as a second language since 2007 and she is especially interested in that school form. In her research, Karin is interested in Swedish as a second language-didactics, the role of the teacher and especially the relationship between the teaching and the compulsory democratic education. In Sweden adult education has been neglected from the science. And Karin hopes that her work will contribute to the understanding of the adult education system in Sweden that could give that school form better prerequisites.  


Karin is member of the CCD- network (Communication, Culture and Diversity). Karin´s supervisor in her PhD studies is professor Sangeeta Bagga Gupta, and second supervisor is assistant professor Rebecka Florin Sädbom.