Ekaterina Kalinina

Assistant Professor of Media and Communications
Department of Communication and Behavioral Sciences , School of Education and Communication


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Ekaterina Kalinina, PhD, Assistant Professor at Department of Media and Communication Studies, Jönköping University, Sweden. 

She earned her joint Bachelor and Masters Degrees at St. Petersburg State University, Russia in 2006. After having received Swedish Institute Visby Scholarship she has earned her MA in Euroculture at Uppsala University and Magister  in Fashion Studies at Stockholm University in 2007-2010. 

In 2010 she enrolled as a PhD student at Södertörn University, Stockholm. In her doctoral dissertation Mediated Post-Soviet Nostalgia (2014), she analysed various forms and platforms of nostalgia for the Soviet period in Russia in 1990s-2010s, focusing on Television, museums, restaurants and internet communities. 

Starting from 2014 Ekaterina Kalinina has held various positions at Stockholm University, Örebro University, Swedish Defence University working on the topics of media and culture. 

In 2016-2018 she worked on her postdoctoral project on digital archives at Copenhagen University and Aarhus Univeristy, Denmark, being a part of a larger project Uncertain Archives. 

She became a member of School of Education and Communication at Jönköping University in 2019. 

Ekaterina Kalinina is also active as a project manager of a Swedish NGO Nordkonst, which promotes cooperation and intercultural communication in the Baltic and the Nordic regions. She currently works on four exchange projects between the Nordic countries, Russia and France in the sphere of Hip Hop.

Topics of interest: Cultural Studies, Memory and Nostalgia, Digital Archives, Social Movements, Sustainability, Global Development and Youth Cultures. 


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Book chapter

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