Mohammad Arjomandi Rad


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I am currently working on a group of high-level, technical products such as airbags, jet engine components, etc. that are known to have iterative, and simulation-driven design processes and are challenged by long development lead time. Meaning that they are suffering from having too many manual simulation loops in the early stages of the design process. Several solutions are proposed among others are building automated scripts in CAD (Computer-aided design) and CAE (computer-aided engineering),  using regression-based machine Learning algorithms as prediction tools. 

In my masters, I was mainly working on Finite Element Modeling (FEM), Experimental standard tests, Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs), Engineering Optimization, Reliability-based and robust design, and Decision-making methods (MCDM). Most of my case studies were of the dynamic and quasi-static type and related to manufacturing and simulation of the automotive body structures.

You can find my publication lists here:


Arjomandi Rad, M., Salomonsson, K., Cenanovic, M., Balague, H., Raudberget, D., Stolt, R. (2022). Correlation-based feature extraction from computer-aided design, case study on curtain airbags design Computers in industry (Print), 138. More information

Conference paper

Arjomandi Rad, M., Raudberget, D., Stolt, R. (2022). Data-driven and Real-time Prediction Models for Highly Iterative Product Development Processes. 29th ISTE International Conference on Transdisciplinary Engineering, 2022, MI, MA, USA. More information
Arjomandi Rad, M., Stolt, R., Elgh, F. (2020). System properties to address the change propagation in product realization. Clifton, VA: IOS Press, 27th ISTE International Conference on Transdisciplinary Engineering, Warsaw, Poland, 1-10 July 2020. More information

Other publications

Arjomandi Rad, M., Cenanovic, M., Salomonsson, K. . A CAD-based image regression database enabling real-time prediction early in the design process, a case study on the airbag design process. More information

Licentiate thesis

Arjomandi Rad, M. (2022). Data-driven and real-time prediction models for iterative and simulation-driven design processes (Licentiate thesis, Jönköping: Jönköping University, School of Engineering). More information