Martin Lägervik

Doctoral Student
Research School of Health and Welfare , School of Health and Welfare

My reseach subject is "upward feedback", from emplyee to boss or learner to teacher. The material is collected from post-graduate medical education, residency, in Region Jönköpings län. Since 2015 a feedback model, Evaluation and feedback for effective clinical teaching (EFFECT), has been implemented, where residents, face-to-face, give their supervisors feedback about the supervisor's strenghts and areas for improvement. The model has been created through research in the Netherlands by Lia Fluit and has showed that participants improve giving and recieving feedback as well as developed understanding for the importance of the learning environment.

 Residents' and supervisors' experiences when using a feedback model in post-graduate medical education


Lägervik, M., Thörne, K., Fristedt, S., Henricson, M., Hedberg, B. (2022). Residents' and supervisors' experiences when using a feedback-model in post-graduate medical education BMC Medical Education, 22(1). More information