Habib Sadri

Doctoral Student


+46 73-910 19 40
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Habib's doctoral studies are in line with a larger research project, entitled “Integration of Blockchain and Digital Twin for Smart Asset Lifecycle Management”. This project aims to develop and evaluate a Blockchain enabled Digital Twin platform prototype for the realization of full potentials of smart Asset Lifecycle Management in the digital ecosystem.


Born in 1986 in Iran and with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from there, Habib moved to Sweden in 2017 to pursue his academic career with a master's degree in Sustainable Building Information Management at JTH, followed by a second master’s degree in Engineering Management at JIBS. With a great enthusiasm for research and state-of-the-art technologies, in October 2021, he started his PhD studies at the same department he had done the first master’s degree.


Hellenborn, B., Eliasson, O., Yitmen, I., Sadri, H. (2024). Asset information requirements for blockchain-based digital twins: a data-driven predictive analytics perspective Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, 13(1), 22-41. More information
Tavakoli, P., Yitmen, I., Sadri, H., Taheri, A. (2024). Blockchain-based digital twin data provenance for predictive asset management in building facilities Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, 13(1), 4-21. More information
Sadri, H., Yitmen, I., Tagliabue, L., Westphal, F., Tezel, A., Taheri, A., Sibenik, G. (2023). Integration of Blockchain and Digital Twins in the Smart Built Environment Adopting Disruptive Technologies—A Systematic Review. More information
Gispert, D., Yitmen, I., Sadri, H., Taheri, A. (2023). Development of an ontology-based asset information model for predictive maintenance in building facilities Smart and Sustainable Built Environment. More information
Jaryani, S., Yitmen, I., Sadri, H., Alizadehsalehi, S. (2023). Exploring the Fusion of Knowledge Graphs into Cognitive Modular Production Buildings, 13(9). More information
Sadri, H., Pourbagheri, P., Yitmen, I. (2022). Towards the implications of Boverket's climate declaration act for sustainability indices in the Swedish construction industry Building and Environment, 207 A. More information
Sadrinooshabadi, S., Taheri, A., Yitmen, I., Jongeling, R. (2021). Requirement management in a life cycle perspective based on ISO 19650-1 and CoClass as the new classification system in Sweden Engineering Construction and Architectural Management, 28(9), 2736-2753. More information

Book chapter

Yitmen, I., Sadri, H., Taheri, A. (2023). AI-Driven Digital Twins for Predictive Operation and Maintenance in Building Facilities. In: I. Yitmen, S. Alizadehsalehi (Ed.), Cognitive Digital Twins for Smart Lifecycle Management of Built Environment and Infrastructure Challenges, Opportunities and Practices (pp. 65 -78). More information

Conference paper

Sadri, H., Yitmen, I., Tagliabue, L., Westphal, F. (2023). A Conceptual Framework For Blockchain and Ai-Driven Digital Twins For Predictive Operation and Maintenance. 2023 European Conference on Computing in Construction and Summer School 2023 CIB W78 40th International Conference and Charles M. Eastman PhD Award Heraklion 10 July 2023 through 12 July 2023. More information